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Organic Chicken Bone Broth - 500ml Jar

This Byron Bay Bone Broth product is

- 18 Hour slow cooked.

- Made from free range happy chickens.

- Organic chicken broth.

Tip; Can be used as a discrete and yummy addition to sushi rice .. Just replace the water for this broth liquid! - It's insured to make a sticky and nutritious batch .. ready for a fun session of sushi rolling. It also assists in your general gut health. Stay tuned for our custom BBBB cookbook launching online later this year!

One cup per person per day is recommended as an immunity health boost.

Includes ingredients: collagen and gelatin, trace levels of minerals, and GAG’s. 

Safe to use and FREE from contamination of heavy metals!

Discover more health benefits ..

Currently unavailable for online purchase (due to cold postage unviability) - please refer to our stockist search for the hundreds of stores nation wide which stock this product! Follow the link below and type in your suburb or postcode to find the closest store.